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How To Become A Mentor

If you are passionate about helping others, then perhaps you fit the profile to become a mentor. Congratulations, you have picked a wonderful field to get into, and a few people have even become famous because of mentors they have had in life?

To name a few Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg, Maya Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Lee mentored Jackie Chan. Socrates mentored Plato and Plato mentored Aristotle, who mentored Alexander the Great. Becoming a mentor is a rewarding field. Below is some advice to get you started in the right direction on how to achieve your goal.

Examine the reason you want to take on this role. Many people consider the idea of helping others a good idea because it will make them feel good or they’re accomplishing something useful in their community.

Start with setting up rules between you and the person you’re mentoring. Guidelines have a vital role in mentoring young people. Young people need to know what’s expected of them. Setting up guidelines, in the beginning, helps all parties involved. They need guidelines to lessen the chances of confusion and frustration.

For those who want to become a mentor, they should have a plan in mind that involves short-terms and long-term goals for those they plan to mentor. For example, your long-term goals could involve something like establishing future leaders, and your short-term goals could tackle the task on a smaller level to meet the long-term goal.

Finding places where you can become a mentor doesn’t have to be challenging. Perhaps the organization where you work has a mentor program. Other platforms include online websites. There are plenty of websites out there that can give you the information you need to get you started in the right direction, including Mentor.Com, an organization that matches mentors with mentees, or Score.com. Score.Com has around a thousand mentors.

Building a relationship with your mentees is a vital component to becoming a successful mentor. To do that, you must establish clear communication with your mentees to help them. Clear communication will include eye contact unless their culture frowns on it. Showing your mentees approval and giving them agreeable facial expressions.

Commitment plays another vital role and how successful you are in becoming a mentor. Being committed to becoming a mentor means giving up your time, and some of your energy to help someone else. Having clear-cut goals on how you will stay committed will help make sure you are successful at being a mentor.

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