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October 25, 2020
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December 8, 2020
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Why Does My Child Need A Mentor?

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Mentors for your child. It does not hurt.

Mentors are people that range in age from young adult to mature adult that can be a possible role model to your child. They spend time with your child doing quality things. A good mentor will give your child support when it is needed, encourage them to be their best, and have fun doing things with them. A mentor is someone who offers guidance in your child’s endeavors. They can build up your child’s confidence and be there as a good friend that they can talk to whenever needed. We at Youth Mentors Of The Pee Dee know how important mentors are.

There are certain elements that are important to a mentoring relationship. These are that your child feels comfortable being around the person and likes spending time with them. There should be a layer of mutual trust between the two of them and the parents. The mentor should have some interests and hobbies that the child enjoys doing so that they can enjoy them together. It is helpful when they get to spend time together on a regular basis.

There are certain things that you should expect from the mentor that you choose for your child. The prospective mentor should be a good listener and give your child good advice. The person should be able to help the child make good choices in life. The mentor should be willing and able to share the knowledge that they have with the child. They should be a living model of good values and virtues. They will help support the child in setting and reaching the specific goals that they set.

There are many different benefits to your child having a mentor besides the things that we have already discussed. The child should be able to feel that they can go to the mentor and discuss whatever problem they may have going on in their life at that moment. If the child has a learning challenge, such as ADHD dyslexia, then the right mentor will be able to help them out because they understand how it is to feel the way that the child feels.

Self-esteem in kids can be low sometimes. Mentors can help to raise their self-esteem to an all-new high. This means that they will do better in school and will increase the chance that they will be more apt to graduate from high school and possibly even college. The child will learn how to build strong relationships that have healthy boundaries. This will help them to build strong skills in communication and interpersonal skills. These skills will help the child stay away from drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, or becoming part of a gang.

Mentors come in different age groups and with different skill sets. That means finding just the right one can take some time. You will want to make sure that it is a good fit between the two of them. There are some people that you may want to consider when looking for a good mentor.

A sports coach or teacher is always a good option. College students and young adults who have a different view of how to do things could be nice. Do you have a neighbor or a family friend that could possibly be a good choice? Do you have a coworker that is good with kids and has an interesting hobby or special skill? You can go through a program that places mentors with kids to see if you can find just the right one.

The best way to choose a mentor is to start with people that you already know and work from there. You can check with your child’s school for recommendations.