2020 Charity Day
August 27, 2020
Why Does My Child Need A Mentor?
November 15, 2020

Mentorship is an important aspect, especially among youth. Through mentorship, they can make better decisions, improve their academic performance, and understand life on a deeper level. The kinds of benefits the youths get from mentorship depend on the qualities of the mentor. Below are some essential qualities of a good youth mentor;

1. Expertise

An essential quality of a good youth mentor is expertise. This means that the mentor should be an expert in youth mentoring. The mentor does not need to have a degree in the area. However, experience and knowledge are quite important.

2. Enthusiasm

One of the essential qualities of a good youth mentor is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for the role means that the mentor is passionate and loves what they do. It is through enthusiasm that the mentor can get the job done. A good mentor should not be in it for the money but because of sincere passion. By doing so, they can achieve better results and can be relatable.

3. A good mentor should value learning

Another quality of a good mentor is a passion for learning. A good mentor should have a life-long desire and pass it to the people they come into contact with. It is through constant learning that a good mentor can help people with useful answers to their questions.

4. Honesty

A good youth mentor should also be honest. Most of the time, youths have some tough questions, mostly about life and sex. Sometimes the most comfortable way out may be to avoid the question or give a half-truth. A good youth mentor should not shy away from telling the truth, regardless of how hard or awkward it is. The same is necessary when it comes to offering positive criticism. A good mentor should be honest irrespective of whether or not the truth will make the subjects angry or awkward.

5. Active listening

A good youth mentor should also possess the quality of active listening. A good mentor should be able to listen to what the youth are saying. The mentor should not only listen by get involved actively in conversations. This means asking questions to clarify situations and ask for more details where necessary. A mentor should never be distracted when talking to the mentees. The mentor should also reflect on answers before speaking them out.

6. Respect

Respect is an essential quality for a good youth mentor. The youth responds better to respectful people as opposed to commanding and belittling characters. However, respect for others is in no way limited to mentors but mentees as well. A good mentor should also not be judgmental towards others. They should respect everyone’s opinions and never talk down on anyone.

7. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be cautious of other people’s emotions. It also involves making decisions based on your awareness of other people’s and mentor’s feelings.

Final Word

A good mentor should be able to foster self-decision making. Contrary to popular belief, mentors are not meant to make decisions for their mentees. Mentors should not impose their beliefs and values on the mentees. Mentors are also supposed to lend their perspectives based on life experience and mentoring know-how. This and every other quality mentioned above is paramount as it fosters successful mentorship.