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2020 Youth Mentors Charity Golf Tournament
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How To Be The Perfect Role Model For Kids

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Role models are people we strive to be like or people we depend on for motivation. Parents are the first role models that children have, even without intending to be. If you are an adult who has children around, you are also their role model.

It is essential to strive to be the best role model for your kids or the kids around you. They will follow where you lead. Here are some practical ways of being a good role model for kids.

When you always strive to go to the next level, it teaches kids that it is vital to keep growing. It also teaches them not to be contented with just being good but should always strive to be the best in whatever they do.

Determination, hard work, and not giving up are some of the most important lessons that kids can learn from you. By pushing to grow yourself, you show your kids just how vital those virtues are.

Following Your Own Rules
Showing kids how important it is to follow the rules will help them become very responsible and obedient people. The best way to instill that in them is setting standards that even you follow. You should also make an effort to come up with a punishment for whoever does not follow the rules.

You should start with the smallest rules around the house and teach your kids the importance of following the rules.

Having Self-Control
It is healthy to let our emotions out sometimes. However, how you do that with your kids around can have a lot of consequences. It is essential always to watch your feelings, especially anger. Learn to control what you say and do when angry or under stress.

You can do that by working out, listening to some cool music, or going to the gym. That helps a lot in calming anger, instead of lashing out in front of kids.

Always Be Positive
Positivity is one of the virtues that is needed to succeed and make it through everything. There is a lot of negativity all around, and teaching your kids how to maintain a positive attitude is essential.

Teach them always to see the good in every situation and be grateful for what they have. That way, they will never feel like they are in the worst situation.

Ensure that you participate in voluntary activities to help your kids realize how important it is to help people without expecting anything in return. That will instill in them generosity and a kind heart.

Participating in those activities with your kids also helps in teaching them the importance of teamwork and unity.

Listening To Your Kids
When you listen to what your kids tell you, their unique ideas always help them become more confident. They feel that what they have to say is essential and will never be afraid to speak even in front of others.

It can also help them in standing up for themselves and standing for what they know is right.

Having Set Goals
Make sure that you make a plan of what you want to achieve either daily or after a long time. When your kids see you achieving what you set out to achieve, it teaches that that is important always to have a plan and organize themselves.

It also teaches that they can achieve anything they set their mind into.