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How can a teenager be a good mentor??

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Teens Can Make The Best Mentors

Teenagers often have many stressors in their lives and may seem irresponsible at times. While many people believe this is true about teens, many teenagers are often looking for more responsibility and ways to make a difference in the world. If you notice that your teenager is bored or looking for something to do you should encourage them to become a mentor. Here are some of the many ways that teenagers can be mentors.

#1) Summer Jobs

Many camps, child care programs, and youth clubs are looking to hire teenagers over the summer. These places all understand the positive impact that teenagers can have on younger teens and younger children. Teenagers make perfect role models and mentors for children. They are often great listeners, fun, full of energy, and someone close in age to the other children.

#2) Tutoring

Teenagers make great mentors for other teens that are both their own age and younger, especially when it comes to tutoring. All teens have their own strengths and weaknesses. You should always encourage your teen to play on their strengths. If teens are highly skilled academically they may make the perfect mentor for other teens who may be struggling in school. Some teens do not like to listen to adults but love learning from their peers.

#3) Sports

There are ample opportunities for teenagers to be mentors during sports. Whether they mentor teens on their own team or mentor younger children during youth sports, there are many ways that they can make a difference. Many freshman students highly admire the older teens on their team. The juniors and seniors in high school can set great examples for the younger teammates in all aspects of life. Teenagers can often find jobs or volunteer opportunities for helping coach or ref youth sports. These younger children will see these teens as role models and may look up to them.

#4) Casual Life Opportunities

Teenagers can be great role models in informal ways. They can mentor their siblings, neighbors, cousins, and anyone that they may know in a casual way. Younger teens and children often admire older teenagers in their lives. By taking an active interest in a younger child’s life, listening to their problems, and offering advice teenagers can be a great mentor.

There are many ways that teenagers can become mentors. Whether they mentor other teenagers or younger children in sports, academics, or in life they can make a difference in other people’s lives. Acting as a mentor will give teens a purpose in life and will encourage them to act better in all aspects of life since they know there is someone looking up to them.

When younger children or young teens have a mentor they are more likely to do better in school, attend college, and stay out of trouble. They may be at less of a risk for developing depression and having negative thoughts. Encouraging teens to become mentors and role models can have a huge impact on everyone involved. Contact the Youth Mentors of the Pee Dee for more information.